Starting Over

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rw pins cancer sucks 300x147 Starting OverOver the last several months, Grace has been having allergic reactions to the carboplatin she receives during chemo.  At first the allergic reactions could be controlled by using Benadryl.  Then she needed to receive Benadryl the day before treatment, and some afterwards.  Next she started receiving steroids the day before chemo to help.  All the while she had bad reactions during chemo causing them to at least pause treatment if not stop all together.  The allergic reactions started out as mainly a facial redness.  Unfortunately, it didn’t stop there.  Most of her reactions affect her breathing and can occur days after treatment.  The allergic reaction causing the breathing problems is of huge concern as we don’t want them to become severe and cut off her airway.  Just this week, she had a reaction and Stephanie had to rush back home to give her Benadryl.

We were guessing that this would mean she would stop receiving the carboplatin and continue with the vincristine only.  Stephanie talked to the oncologist about her reactions and determined the best course of action was to switch to another treatment.  Switch really isn’t the right way to say it as changing treatment means we are starting over.  Grace was 2 weeks shy of the half way point in the treatment she is on now (carboplatin and vincristine).

On Tuesday, 12/28/2010 she is start a new treatment where she will be taking vinblastine.  She will receive treatment every Tuesday for the next 52-weeks without any breaks.  Basically it means she would have been finished by mid Summer 2011, now she will go thru December 2011.  This is definitely not something we wanted to hear, but at least we can get away from her current allergic reactions.  The new treatment will be much shorter than she currently goes through as it should only take about an hour to receive it.

Under the new treatment, Grace may also loose her hair.  Only other thing I have to say is, CANCER SUCKS!

 Starting Over

A week at home after our Make-A-Wish Trip

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It’s been almost a week since we came home from our Make-A-Wish trip.  Grace started back to Chemo on Tuesday … and, unfortunately she had a rough day and night.  Soon afterwards she was back to her normal self.  Stephanie has a cold and I’m back to my normal work.

Today I was really lazy, didn’t get out of bed or do much today.  Tonight the Keli, Jay and Maeci stopped by to drop off my car.  Stephanie and Keli were going out for a girls night.  While we were standing around talking, we decided to make it a father daughter night and head out as well.  It was fun hanging out at Applebees with Jay and Maeci.  We probably need to setup a regular night to get together and hang out with them ….

As you may remember, I mentioned we were taking lots of photos on the trip.  Well, I pooled the pictures together from all of the Cameras and came up with just under 2,700 photos.  Stephanie spend several hours weeding through, cropping and removing bad photos.  In the end we have 2,000 photos to help us remember the trip.  Yes, 2,000 photos which to say the least a ton.  I was doing the math the other day and we would have to pay a small fortune to take these pictures or develop them in a traditional sense.  In digital terms we still have a lot to deal with.  We’ve been taking digital pictures roughly since Stephanie was pregnant.  The added photos from the trip effectively doubled the size of our photo collection.  To put it in geek terms we added roughly 9Gigs worth of photos.  Even with 2,000 photos the girls will have their work cut out for them to put together a scrapbook for the week.  I’m hoping to be able to put the vast majority of these photos online on this site.  I’ll probably start working on the photo gallery sometime this week.

 A week at home after our Make A Wish Trip

At the Airport

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wpid 120510101212 At the Airport

We are nearing the end of our trip together, as we are at the Airport waiting for our flight home.  No tears yet, but I know no one wants to go home …  I’m definitely sad myself.  It wouldn’t have been the same trip without Maeci and family.  I’m sure it will be a tearful scene when we land in Indy …

Thanks for a wonderful trip Make a Wish!

The last day

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wpid 2010 12 04 21 25 13 201 The last day

Today we had a lot of fun at Islands of Adventure at Universal.  There didn’t have as many of the big coasters as I had hoped, but the girls were able to ride all but a couple if the big ones.  Stephanie, Kelli, Pop and I did make it into the Incredible Hulk ride.  And it does not disappoint.

We were also able to hit a couple in the new Harry Potter section of the park.  Since I was the only one who was a fan, the others didn’t really get it …  I picked up some Griffendor gear and some Frozen Butter Beer.  Tasted like butterscotch.  Very good stuff …  Grace ride the coster over there 10 while the rest of us did the big Harry Potter ride.  Its a very cool mixture of simulation ride and live props.  Yes, Im a nerd and I’m ok with it.

We ate at the Nascar Restaurant tonight before heading back to the villa.  When we got to the villa we found a missing passenger Froggy.  We’ve been trying to find it all week after our breakfast on Wednesday.  Finally, I was able to get a manager to go look for at and sure enough they had it.  They delivered the druggie to the village for us.

The girls were tucked in by Mrs Clayton, very cute …  I’m sad this is our last night and I wish we had a few more days.  Tomorrow we have an early flight home …  I’ll putting up pictures with more info as soon as I can this week.

Friday at Universal Studios

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wpid 2010 12 04 08 03 48 140 Friday at Universal Studios

Yesterday we had a really good time at Universal Studios.  The girls had a lot of fun at the simulator rides.  Gracie wasn’t able to ride the big coasters unfortunately.  But I think she had a really good time nonetheless. 

Oh and I cannot forget to mention that Universal Studios really knows how to treat the girls.  For the simulator rides they escorted the girls in.  several of them they gave us a place sit while we waited for the next show.  Very cool … For the last day we are heading back for Island Adventure at Uninstall Studios.

Thursday and Friday

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wpid 2010 12 02 13 28 46 802 Thursday and Friday

Yesterday we had a lot if fun at Seaworld, although it was cold.  Unfortunately, the the girls were too short for the two big coasters.  The had a good time on the kid rides though.  We had a lot of laughs on the big net climbing stuff.  Maeci and Grave did the entire thing, me and the two moms also made the climb.  The shows were very good and the girls were able to fed the dolphins, stingrays and the sharks.  They also were able to pet the dolphins and the stingrays.  Lots of fun!

Today we are heading out to Universal Studios for more rides.  Unfortunately, it will be another cool day.

Another long and fun day

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wpid 120110204023 Another long and fun day

Today we did a lot of stuff at Animal Kingdom including Edition Everest.  Unfortunately, Grace was just a hair short to ride it.  Unfortunately, the only other coater we hit, Grace was too short to ride :(   Nonetheless, Grace road quite a bit of other stuff including the safari ride and a dino ride …  The Nemo musical was quite good and meeting the cast was a highlight to say the least.  The guy who played Marlin walked out with the Girls names wrote on his hand.  Someone in his family was a wish kid and so he makes a point to go meet them.

We stayed a but longer at Animal Kingdom than we planned, but we did make over to Epcot later in the late afternoon.  We all loved the Soaring ride as well as the other rides we hit.  It was just too cold and the girls stayed in the stroller most of the time.  I wound up just holding Grace against me to keep her warm, she kept saying she was freezing.  Grace slept in my arms for quite a while at the park.  She’s been asleep for a while and so is Stephanie.

Tomorrow morning we have breakfast here at the Village with Mickey and Minie Mouse.  She is also going to put up her star in the castle.  We are going to Sea World during the day then back here to see Santa in the evening.  Should be a shorter day tomorrow.

Finding Nemo

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wpid 2010 12 01 12 26 59 346 Finding Nemo

We went to the Finding Nemo Musical show and not only were we able to get great seats but we met the cast.  Talk about cool!  They were so nice and we have a lot of pictures of the entire group and the girls.  One of the cast members was a wish family.  So as soon as they knew wish kids are out there, they have to meet them.   Very very special!  Oh and the girl who plays Dori is from Morresville, IN.


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wpid 2010 12 01 08 38 13 857 Ketchup!

Note to self: Don’t ask for Ketchup at the Wispering Canyon Cafe!  Someone else asks for it, you deliver it … icon smile Ketchup!

Day #3 – The Plan

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wpid 2010 11 30 21 10 00 968 Day #3   The Plan

The picture is from last night, Grace asleep on Jay …

We are up and about this morning.   Although, I’m dragging a bit this morning.  We are at the Wilderness Lodge eating breakfast with a character.  Maeci is over at Animal Kingdom eating with Donald Duck.  After we eat breakfast we are heading over to Animal Kingdom to meet up with the gang.

In the afternoon we plan to hit Epcot together.  Should be another fun filled day.

I think Maeci said it first, this trip would not have been as much fun if we didn’t go together, I’d have to agree!